Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: What Do I Need To Do Before Learning To Drive?

A: You'll Need To Be 17 Or Older, And If You Havent Done So Already Apply For A Provisional License. It's Also Worth Getting An Eyesight Check; So That You Are Able To Read A Standard Car Number Plate From 20.5 Meters.

Q: How Do I Apply For A Provisional License?

A: You Can Apply For Your Provisional License By Collecting A D1 Form From Your Local Post Office. Alternatively You Can Download It Online At

Q: Do I Have To Pass My Theory Before Taking Lessons?

A: We Do Recommend This, However A lot Of Our Students Prepare/Practice Their Theory Whilst Learning To Drive On The Road. There Are Several Apps You Can Download On The Appstore & Google Play; Such As Driving Test Success, Official DVSA, Driving Theory UK &DTT Where You Can Practice From 100s Of Official DVLA Theory Questions.

Q: What Car Do You Have For Driving Lessons?

A: We Currently Have An Audi A1 SLine 35 TFSI (Manual) Fitted With Dual Controls.

Q: What is your pass rate?

A: 99.7% of all students who have learnt to drive with us have passed first time.

Q: Do You Offer Evening Or Weekend Lessons?

A: Yes We Do, As We Are Open 7 Days A Week. Please Enquire With Your Preferred Time On The Contact Us Page And We Will Check To See If We're Avaliable.

Q: Is Automatic Quicker To Pass Than Manual?

A: For Some People It's Quicker. However You Must Take Into Account That You Cannot Drive A Manual With An Automatic License. I Recommend You Pass In A Manual, As Then You're Able To Drive An Automatic.

Q: Can I Have More Than One Lesson A Week?

A: Some Of Our Pupils Have 3/4 Lessons A Week! It All Depend On Whether You Like To Learn Faster; To Get On The Road Sooner.

Q: Can I Be Picked Up & Dropped Off In A Different Location?

A: Depending On If The Drop Off Location Is In A Suitable Range Of 1-2 Miles, We Will Be More Than Happy To Drop You Off Where You Desire.

Q: How Long Are Your Lessons?

A: We Have 1 Up To 2 Hour Lesson Slots Available. Due To Being Able To Learn More In 2 Hours, This Is The More Popular Option. We Also Offer Block Booking, Refresher And Pass Plus Courses.

Q: Can You Book My Practical Driving Test For Me?

A: Of Course! We'll Be More Than Happy To This; So long As You Have Passed Your Theory Test First.

Q: Do Examiners Have A Set Quota Of People They Pass Per Month?

A: No They Do Not, As Examiners Are Always Hoping For You To Do Well And Are Not Looking To Fail You.

Q: How Long Is The Practical Test?

A: The Practical Test Lasts Approx. 40 Minutes. In Addition To This You Will Be Asked To Perform Different Manoeuvres And Maybe An Emergency Stop Exercise.

Q: What Is The Meaning Of Show Me & Tell Questions?

A: Show Me question: (where you show how you’d carry out a safety task) while you’re driving.

Tell Me question: (where you explain how you’d carry out a safety task) at the start of your test, before you start driving.

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