What Car Should You Choose For Learning-

Automatic or Manual:

Automatic cars allow you more time to concentrate on the road, secondly passing your test in an automatic means you will not be licensed to drive a manual car.

Passing in a manual car means you can drive automatic & manual cars because you get the license to drive both.

Automatic cars are more expensive to purchase because of the insurance cost which is a lot.

There are more manual cars on the road than automatic ones.

Make, Model and Age:

As a learner driver or even if you have just passed your test, choosing the right car is very important.

It all depends on how much you can afford.

Low emission cars are cheap to drive.

Cheap insurance & road tax.

Dual Controls:

As a learner driver it is very important knowing that your instructor can apply the breaks for you at any given point!

If the car you will be learning in does not have dual controls, you may want to look elsewhere as this feature offers tremendous comfort and gives you the student more confidence.

Make sure you are not putting yourself at risk for the sake of saving a few £££

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