Drivewise School of Motoring Car Details

Audi A1
1.6 T.D.I Sportback
Fitted with He-Man Dual Control

What car you should choose for Learning

Automatic or Normal Manual

  • Automatic car allows you more time to concentrate on the road; passing your test in an automatic means you will not be licensed to drive a manual car.

  • Passing in a manual car means you can drive automatic & manual cars because you get the license to drive both.

  • Automatic cars are more expensive to purchase insurance cost is more expensive too.

  • There are allot more manual cars on the road than automatic one

Make, Model and Age

  • As a learner driver or even you just passed your test choosing the right car is very important

  • All depends how much you can afford

  • Low emissions cars are cheap to drive

  • Cheap to insurance & road tax

Dual Controls

  • As a learner driver it is very important knowing that your instructor can apply the breaks for you!

  • If  the car you will be learning in does not have dual controls, you may want to look elsewhere as this feature offers tremendous comfort and gives the student morr confidence

  • Make sure you not putting yourself in a risk for sake of saving few £££

We can help you to learn: - driving in a manual car. We cover driving schools Nelson, driving school Colne, driving lessons pages, and Colne driving school, student’s discounts


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